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Eastern Shore Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ) Permitted Ground Water Withdrawals

VDEQ Groundwater Withdrawal Permit Fact Sheet

Permitted Ground Water Withdrawals Summary – April 2011 (PDF 112 KB)

2016 Annual Water Use Summary – April 2017

Eastern Shore Water Supply Plans (2011)

Water Supply Plans Summary Presentation (PDF 4.1 MB)
Accomack County Water Supply Plan (PDF 25.5 MB)
Northampton County Water Supply Plan (PDF 35.9 MB)

Eastern Shore Ground Water Supply Protection and Management Plan (2013)

Full Plan

Addendum (May 2017)

Groundwater Quality Assessment of Private Well Water in Cheapside and East Horntown, Virginia (2013)

Final Report

Technical Analysis and Justification for Ground Water Ordinances on the Eastern Shore of Virginia (Jan 2001)

Full Report (PDF 3.61 MB)
Executive Summary (PDF 0.14 MB)
Cover and Table of Contents (PDF 0.08 MB)
Section 1 (PDF 0.76 MB)
Section 2 (PDF 1.82 MB)
Section 3 through Section 5 (PDF 0.38 MB)


Virginia Department of Health Regulations

Private Well Construction, Sewage Handling Regulations

Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
Permit Information and an automated Permit Expert that will let you know which permits you may need.