Regional Navigable Waterways Committee

The Eastern Shore of Virginia Regional Navigable Waterways Committee (Navigable Waterways Committee) is a bi-county committee formed in 2015 to study and plan for navigable waterway needs. The Committee shall study and advise their respective Boards on the condition and status of all navigable waterways, list and prioritize the Shore’s water navigation needs, and provide possible solutions to water transport needs. The Committee is staffed by the A-NPDC to ensure regional management approach. The Committee also works closely with the United States Army Corps of Engineers to facilitate clear communication of our dredging and waterway needs. Additional Resources.


  • John Joeckel, Chair, Accomack
  • H. Donald L. Hart, Accomack
  • H. William J. “Billy” Tarr, Accomack
  • H. John Coker, Northampton
  • H. Spencer Murray, Northampton
  • J.T. Holland, Northampton
  • John Tavolaro, Accomack
  • James Dixon, Northampton
  • George D. Bowden, Accomack
  • Granville Hogg, Vice Chair, Northampton


Meetings will be held quarterly on the third Thursday of April, July, October, and January at 3pm (most likely this will be updated to be 2pm each quarter). Location will rotate between the A-NPDC Conference Room in Accomac and the DSS Conference Room in Eastville.

Next Meeting: Thursday April 18th, 2019 2pm in Accomac. Packet forthcoming.

Meeting Minutes:

Meeting Packets: